Camden School for Girls

-We worked with 39 students -71.8% disagree -7.69% agree

Cambourne VC

-We worked with 10 students -100% disagree

Northgate School

-We worked with 10 students -83.33% disagree -Quote from Teacher: "The students who attended have said that they found it very interesting and one of them (Daniel) has been inspired to apply to become a member of the UK Youth Parliament!" - Joanne Radiven, Teacher, Northgate Barnet School PRU

The Leys

- We worked with 10 students -20% Disagree -40% Agree

The Petchey Academy

-15 students -80% disagree -6.67% agree

Bentley Wood

- 16 students -62.50% disagree - 12.5% agree

London Oratory School

-21 students -52.38 disagree -23.81 agree

MoreHouse School

-21 students -47.62% disagree -  14.28% agree

Rivers Academy

- 27 students -77.77% disagree -11.11% agree

Haywood Academy

-124 students -39.52% disagree -34.68% agree -teacher: “I just wanted to say thank you to yourself and Patrick for putting on the sessions yesterday.  The students seemed engaged and is a very important subject that I hope to continue discussing with them.” - Tom Douch, teacher, Haywood Academy.

Haberdashers' Aske's Crayford Academy

-9 students -55.56% disagree -22.22% agree

William Edwards School

-21 students -76.19% disagree -19.05% agree

Saint Cecilia's Church of England School

-17 students -29.41% disagree -14.18% agree

St. Peter’s Catholic School

St. Peter’s Catholic School: 192 students 46.88% Don't agree with scraping 26.04% Do agree with scraping

Wright Robinson College

Wright Robinson College: 10 students 80% Don't agree with scraping 10% Do agree with scraping

Hill Crest School & 6th Form

Hill Crest School & 6th Form: 15 students 86.67% Don't agree with scraping 6.67% Do agree with scraping

St Dominics 6th Form School

18 students 50% Don't agree with scraping 27.78% Do agree with scraping

Amery Hill School

134 students 39.55% Don't agree with scraping 29.85% Do agree with scraping

Tower Hamlets College

66.67% disagree 0% agree.

Heath Park

27.59% Agree | 53.45% Don’t Agree

Chelsea academy

23.07% Agree | 61.54% Don’t Agree

The Wellington Academy

29.9% Agree| 42.26% Don’t Agree - Over 100 students

Forest Gate Community School

48% Agree | 52% Don’t Agree

Lampton School, 28th November 2017, 2pm (Location: Hounslow)

38.89% Agree | 50% Don’t Agree

Villiers Ealing school

27.78 % Agree | 57.41 % Don’t Agree

Park High School

6th December 2017, 11am (Location: Harrow) (26.66% Agree | 30% Don’t Agree)

Lady Margaret school

7th December 2017, 8:45am (Location: Parsons Green) Assembly (11.58% Agree | 70.53% Don’t Agree)

Christopher Whitehead Language College

8th December, 9:40 - 10:40 year 10 and 11:05 - 12:05 year 8. (Location: Worcester) (19.21% Agree | 55.36% Don’t Agree)

Eltham Hill School

Strongly disagree: 66.67%

Strongly agree: 6.67%

The Green School

Strongly disagree: 62.5%

Strongly agree; 37.5%

City and Islington

Post survey:

Strongly disagree: 35%

Strongly agree: 30%

Coulsdon 6th form college, CR5 1YA

Post survey: Disagree: 25% Agree: 50%

Deptford green college, SE14 6AN

Post survey: Disagree: 64.28% Agree: 14.29%

Stoke Newington School & Sixth Form, N16 9EX

Post survey: Disagree: 80.95% Agree: 9.52%
By clicking on the map, it is possible to see the number of students participating in our human rights workshop in each school, and the percentage of students who disagree with/oppose the scrapping of the Human Rights Act, and the percentage of students who are in support of taking such action.
Eltham Hill School visit

Eltham Hill School visit

On September 19th, we delivered another human rights workshop to A level students at Eltham Hill School, a girls school in south-east London. The students took a strong interest in issues relating to equality, the right against discrimination and the right to...

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