The Academy of Ideas have partnered with Brunel University for the Debating Matters London North Championship on 5 March 2018. This all-day event will see 150 students from 12 schools across London debating Human Rights, facilitated by experts at Brunel.

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The day is open to all staff, students and members of the public who wish to join and learn from the great minds of the future, and to hear some brilliant ideas. Debating matters because ideas matter. This is the premise of the Academy of Ideas Debating Matters Competition for sixth form students which emphasises substance, not just style, and the importance of taking ideas seriously.

The London North Championship at Brunel University, London, on 5 March 2018 is a part of the ‘Knowing our Rights’ research project, which aims to provide analysis, and to deepen and increase understanding, of the application of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) in the UK. Debates at the London North Championship will take on a human rights theme.


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