On September 19th, we delivered another human rights workshop to A level students at Eltham Hill School, a girls school in south-east London. The students took a strong interest in issues relating to equality, the right against discrimination and the right to marry, looking into the effect that the ECHR has had in this domain.

On the British Bill of Rights debate, 66.67% of students expressed strong support for keeping intact the Human Rights Act. Only 13.34% agreed with scrapping the Act.

Elisa Musaj, an A levels student at Eltham Hill, said after the workshop:

“The Knowing Our Rights workshop was a good opportunity to get an understanding of the impact of politics on society. We learnt about the importance of human rights and we were also able to interact and ask questions to widen our understanding. The debate also gave us a chance to argue our views and widen our skills. Before the workshop, I had a general understanding about human rights and the impact they make on our daily life choices. The workshop opened our eyes to the importance of human rights and how different our lives would be if human rights were not put in place. It was very intriguing to hear the debate that occurs around human rights and also be able to debate it with one another. I really enjoyed the workshop and would recommend that others attempt to get more involved with politics”.


Britain in Europe Open Society Foundation Goldsmiths University
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