‘Law at Goldsmiths’ inaugural annual criminal justice symposium at the British Academy. Exploring how human rights impact upon criminal procedure.

This international, interdisciplinary, symposium will bring together criminal procedure, evidence and human rights experts working on domestic and international law, in Anglo-American and Continental legal systems and beyond as well as criminologists, judges, barristers, prosecutors, NGO experts and relevant stakeholders.

It will seek to flesh out the impact of international human rights theory and jurisprudence upon criminal evidence and procedure, focusing on a comparison between domestic and international human rights influences, in Europe and beyond.

It will do so against the backdrop of resurgent populist and nationalist threats, and attacks upon international law that undermine human rights’ ability to regulate the criminal process.

How domestic Constitutional Charters shape the nature, and operation, of criminal evidence and procedure, and domestic criminal justice systems, has attracted significant attention in modern criminal procedure scholarship. But the time is now opportune to also explore how these influences interact with regional or transnational human rights influences, where these exist, and what challenges might arise where there is no opportunity for such interaction.

The key ambition of the symposium will be to shed light, and generate cross-cultural debate, on how domestic and international human rights influences shape criminal evidence and procedure, and what are the cultural, institutional or socio-political conditions that may enhance their impact or undermine their effect, particularly vis-à-vis populist criminal justice rhetoric (see e.g. in Trump’s America) or legal isolationist trends (e.g. in the context of Brexit and the debate on UK departure from the ECHR).

For more information contact Prof Dimitrios Giannoulopoulos at d.giannoulopoulos@gold.ac.uk


Date Time
27 Mar 2019 9:30am – 4:30pm
Britain in Europe Open Society Foundation Goldsmiths University
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